Saturday, September 09, 2006


I've migrated to the Blogger Beta for culinary ventures and also trying wordpress with Vanity...

So one sees changes such as labels and some changes in format. Hope it adds to the readability. On the downside, I can't comment on non-beta blogger sites!

The labels made me realise that the content is quite sparse right now. Will address it in next few days.


Aditya Athalye said...

Hi Aditya,

I wonder if you've tried out Shiok in B'lore... only place i know that serves S.E. Asian Cuisine in B'lore. I have a third party opinion on the food there... but i hear it's worth a try.

A place I can recommend however is Casa Del Sol at Devatha Plaza, on Residency Rd.

Cheers and Happy Dining,

lovemarks said...

One suggestion... please add the city name and directions to the place so that it is easier for one to relate...
Being a foodie myself, knew all the places in Mumbai and few in Bangalore...but not the rest.

Also a basic cost evaluation.